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Multilingual website development

All of our designs adapt to your needs and respect the 3 most important premises, which are responsive design, SEO and attractive design


Thanks to our tailored web development service, the companies that call on our services strengthen their image, bring in new international customers and enhance their brands, as we become 100% involved in what these businesses want to communicate, in the image they want to give, and we help to promote their products through a professional website.

Our page development is intelligent , because you can easily manage it to create content and edit sections via its platform in Wordpress.

We can make the development from scratch, or if you already have a page, we can have it located in Chinese or any other language.
We can develop multilingual pages for your business to be 100% international.

Chinese social networks

We are one of the pioneering companies in this service. This is a method to get the most out of investments and which is little-known for the western market.

Spanish brands are able to achieve an immense market, Wechat (an application which is Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Uber, Tinder and Amazon in a single platform) has 900 million active users, of which 20 million are corporate company accounts and WEIBO WEIBO (similar to Twitter without character limitation) 300 million active users.

An important point in every company that wants to be present on the Internet or the social networks. Uniletra has native Chinese staff to give this Community Manager service in the main WeChat and WEIBO Chinese networks, because just like Google, the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube networks are also blocked.

Uniletra deals with managing your account, the contacts and the interaction of your company networks, to increase the visibility of the brand and improve the corporate image.

The services include:
• Creation and maintenance of the account in the Chinese social networks
• Preparation and management of content and interaction with followers
• Follower surveys
• Organization of contests and virtual events in the Chinese social networks

Advertising in Chinese media

The Chinese community resident in Spain do not read the Spanish media due to the language barrier; they have their own paper newspapers and digital publications.

To sell to this community, it is important to advertise in these media. Uniletra identifies the most suitable medium to make your business’s advertising effective.
We offer a comprehensive communication and advertising service:
• Advice on advertisements
• Advertising in Chinese media

Promotional videos

Our aim is to transmit a clear audiovisual message that allows you to connect with your potential customers and give your brand image a drive..

We deal with both the production and the speech.

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