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Chinese investment in Spain is constantly growing. The current enterprise act allows foreign investors to gain residence in Spain, which is another reason for investing in our country.

A team formed by consultants and lawyers will advise you throughout the process to give you the confidence of Chinese investors and the capital you need.


In 2015 alone, half a million young Chinese left their country to study abroad. In the last ten years, the figure has grown by more than 10% a year.

According to data from the Chinese Embassy in Spain, in 2016, the number of Chinese students who chose Spain for their higher education grew by 21% compared with 2015, with a total of more than 8,000 people. There is still great potential to double or triple this figure.

If you are thinking of expanding into the Chinese market, we are your best ally.

We offer the following services:
• Search for Chinese schools/universities to establish collaboration and exchange programmes
• Design of attractive educational programmes for students from China
• Promotion of Spanish schools and universities in the Chinese market
• Arrangement of visa and residence for Chinese students
• Search for accommodation for Chinese students